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Media (photographic, especially I feel) coverage of the war has changed a lot in the past 50 years — today we don’t see the real cost of war or get to know the individuals whom war affects. And what we do see is an abbreviated version that allows us to feel concern and sadness while carrying on our comfortable American lives, nary missing a step. The Vietnam-American war was the first widely televised and reported war because it came at a time when the television had become a common household item. We had never seen what was happening “over there” before. Exciting technology beat out censorship and government control. Currently, war reports are so filtered that it’s easy to forget we live in a world of bloodshed. Images on the daily news are not graphic, even photographs on CNN only cover the fluff, not the [sometimes literal] meat of war.

So I’m grateful for magazines like 100Eyes, photographers like Yoav Galai & Andy Levin, who explore the truth of war tragedy. Please please please click the image above to get a clear sense of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, what it really looks like — Don’t you wonder why we, as people living in America, somehow escape not only death by war but the destruction of our buildings and homes, escape seeing our loved ones die before our eyes…? And where the US government is involved, I do believe in bringing the war home, if even only through photographs. We, as Americans, must be informed and must have an opinion. Be open, ask questions, never stop exploring.