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“the past doesn’t exist anymore.
all that exists is now.”


Two stories for today;

  1. Last night, Tom & I went grocery shopping. He bought wine, so the cashier checked his ID & saw the street he lived on. She launches into this story: She grew up at 856 on the same street, which has since been turned into a condo building. She said that her little sister used to talk about seeing a little girl at the house but her parents told her that she was seeing things, her head was playing tricks on her, etc., but she insisted. When they moved out, their home was torn down to build the condo building that sits on that property now. While tearing down the house, the construction (destruction?) workers discovered the body of a little girl inside the walls of the home. The police were able to investigate the incident and traced what happened: her parents had murdered her and “buried” her inside the walls. Ghosts are real.
  2. My Gender/Culture professor taught a class where she assigned an exercise in which the students had to “break the social norm.” One girl decided to complete this assignment in class: the next time the class met, she showed up in a disguise that included a wig, glasses, extreme make-up, and many layers of clothing. She got up in front of class and said something like, “this is not me” and proceeded to take the wig off, remove the glasses, and peel away one layer of clothing at a time. Finally she was down to a pink g-string an a bra. She continued; taking off the bra & then the pink g-string. Standing naked in front of the class, she said something like, “this IS me.” Everyone in the class was uncomfortable and looking away, except for one guy who was nodding his head thoughtfully like he “got” it. The girl then realized that she really was in fact standing in front of the class naked, and hid behind the window curtains, which faced out to a courtyard where students were mingling. I think she completed the assignment.

Other than that…… I don’t know, I just finished a project estimate for my Management for Designers class. 3:30 and I’m out of here, headed home to cook a meal and probably to make soy wax candles that smell like lavender, vanilla, and cookies for the evening. I wish it was warmer out, mostly so I could go running, but partially because I’m an idiot and wore leggings & a thin fleece jacket today…. freezing.