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the same way I’ve subconsciously found myself changing perfumes when I change relationship status… here we go again.¬†out with the old, in with the new… I’m blogging at tumblr now.


CB2 Outdoor Magic

…take a look at the pure magic that is CB2’s outdoor collection. I want every. piece. & I want to host so. many. summer parties. But first we gotta lift the weather out of the 40’s… woof.

iPhone case? this is mine. get yours at Uncommon.

B-side jewelry takes parts from guns & “recasts them into symbols of non-violence.” (from ecouterre) I don’t really see the non-violence part but I love this necklace! Proceeds from sales of this line go to the NYC Gun Buy Back Program, which basically rewards people for turning in firearms in NYC. Since 2008, some 5,700 guns have been turned in off the streets of the city. Having lived in a city where not a day goes by without someone killed by gunfire, that’s music to my ears…

Things have been more quiet than not lately. A little more stress-free. Kind of surprising I guess, having just started a new job at The Fire, but it’s the nicest job I could ask for right now. Feels so good to do something so hands-on. My fingers are rough & scratched from grouting mosaics and cutting glass, and I like it. I’ve been running a bit more & temps are supposed to be in the 30s & pretty sunny for the next 10 days so that means lots more running. The bills are paid, Sam’s birthday party is on Saturday, the Olympics are fun, I’ve been silencing my phone at night & sleeping a regular schedule, cooking at home a lot, you know… just all-around good and mellow. Emily & Matt close on their house tomorrow, so that’s super exciting. I wonder if I’ll ever own a house? Seems like the chores of older-home ownership can be quite daunting & that’s not too appealing to me… but at the same time, I’m a single girl in my mid-twenties. No husband or kids, I don’t have a career that’s keeping me in one place, I don’t even have a dog that needs a yard. Not to say that I don’t want those things (ok, not so much the binding career), but that’s just not me right now. I like to joke around & say, “marriage? kids? house? it would take quite the guy to change my mind…” & I’m ok with that.

Well, Blucifer & I are off to bed. Wanna catch up with some reading but… [yawn]. I’ve been reading EXPECT RESISTANCE: a field manual & THE SITUATIONIST INTERNATIONAL: a user’s guide, and I can’t imagine that the similarities are strictly coincidental… the red type, the same reference material, the similarities in titles…