been listening to Tom Petty’s ‘Wildflowers’ album a lot lately. may or may not have lost the wedding band yesterday. oh well. shrug. got a couple new rings that are nicer anyway:

spending too much time at Jekyll’s lately. while i love that joint, it is breeding ground for all sorts of drama. on a similar note, i purged a bunch of ‘friends’ from facebook today & labeled a few contacts in my phone as “do not answer.” (enough contacts to confuse me, so that if i get a text/call from one of them, i’ll have no idea who it is. genius.) i’ve decided, while i love getting to know people & love sustaining relationships with many folks from my past, i’ve got to let it all go & focus on me for a while. i pour too much energy into other people and for now i wanna harvest that energy & pour it into my own development and art. i am thinking about taking a hiatus from my ‘commercial’ work & strictly making art for art’s sake.

i miss the way life used to be, i miss searching for apartments in berkeley/oakland, i miss sophie bear and so many other things. but the past doesn’t exist anymore; all that exists is now.

time to move on,

time to get going.

what lies ahead,

i have no way of knowing…