…I came across this 35-minute film while looking at another friend’s blog and I wish like hell I’d seen it back in April when I got laid off from my retail management position at American Apparel. It’s so easy to look at getting laid off/fired as the end of the world, but it can be the most freeing thing to happen to you. I identified with this short so well, having just graduated from school with an advertising degree yet not wanting to go into advertising; having been laid off from my full time job and steady income yet not being able to collect unemployment because of my full-time student status; wanting desperately to survive as a freelance photographer & graphic designer yet being less than thrilled about having to take every job that came along in order to pay the bills… It’s simple: do what you love. If you have 35 minutes (seriously), watch this. It feels good… and we can all benefit from a little bit of feel-good.

[watch ‘Lemonade’ now]