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being in the wedding industry, I always love to hear about creative weddings. bless the heart of wisconsin, but in this area we don’t see too many offbeat weddings… so I got pretty excited about this one. check out the photos/details of this Hocking Hills, Ohio cave wedding. totally loving it!!


Tomorrow, I’m heading down to Chicago for a week to catch up with some errands & friends, and to celebrate Michael’s 30th birthday with a few good folks. I’m REALLY EXCITED.

Shameless Sea
Aimlessly so blue
Midnight moon shines for you

Still marooned
Silence drifting through
Nowhere to choose
Just blue

Star-crossed you and me
Save our souls
We’ll be forever blue

Waves roll
Lift us in blue
Drift us
Seep right through
Color us blue

Wait for me
Shameless you the Sea
Soon the blue
So soon
Soon the Blue
So soon.

[click the image to view a New York Times photo gallery of Haiti, post-earthquake]

This tragedy is overwhelming, I don’t quite know what else to say. Please donate if you can, text “HAITI” to 90999 to donate $10 to the Red Cross (it’ll show up on your next phone bill). If you want something out of it, buy a “Hope for Haiti” tee here (proceeds go to PIH) or visit Bleeding Heart Bakery in Chicago & buy the Haiti fundraiser cupcake (proceeds go to the Red Cross). Preferably, give whatever you can afford directly to the cause – visit Partners In Health to donate on their website.

I encourage America to see this through, completely, too. This is an unthinkably wealthy country and the best thing we can do is to give our resources freely to those in need.

You will be safe
You will be asleep
Someone will have their hand running through your hair
The world is full of images
Some of them will be transparent
Ghosts, they’re only catching bigger things
You will be safe in the dark
You will be warm at night with the windows open
You will be loved, you’ll remember