check out fashion milk, a lovely little blog by my friend Lauren (a model with a journalism degree who currently lives in Chicago). It’s fashion-tastic (can I say that and maintain my dignity?) and full of her own voice…. do it.

happy holidays, by the way, I found this charming/hilarious xmas photo that Noel, Liz & I turned into photo cards when we lived on Water Street together… and while we all live in different states & I haven’t really spoken with either in some time, I’m sure we all still wish you a happy holiday & nice new year:

in other news, i’m in the midst of a move back to Wisconsin and most of the time i feel very apprehensive/nervous about it… this whole thing has been a pretty painful process, but it’s comforting to know that i can always move wherever I want at any time (whether that be back to Chicago or somewhere farther west). I guess that was kind of a roundabout apology for not blogging more 😉


kristina renee.