I am trying to say

if you want to be with me, be with me,

if you don’t, then don’t –

if the latter is true, don’t let these poems flatter you,

they are intended for more than flattery,

they are birth poems of love from me to you,

from my abdomen, full of blood, fear, love, guilt,


Do not love me, do not commit yourself to me, do not honor me

with your heart

if you secretly don’t intend to, if you don’t want to.

I must move on, to fall in love with trees, cathedral bells, soft

evenings, snowy mountains,

cafes, books, music.

Start your life,

create your environment where you flourish, where

your gifts

become fire to the kindling in drought-stricken souls,

become the woman you desire.

[jimmy santiago baca]

I haven’t had too much to share via wordpress lately, I feel busy and tired. Today is my sister’s birthday, happy birthday Erika. My travel plans have changed a bit, instead of coming up to Appleton with Meghan on Thursday evening, I will come up over the weekend with Emily, Brian & Maple. Then it’s time to “celebrate” Thanksgiving week, this year being a week of odd change and well, so life goes…

Girls’ night at Kelly’s last night was so fun… maybe Michael should go to Cancun more often? 🙂