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[click the bulb&bones to acquaint yourself with CrimethInc]

Back in the day when I thought the world should be ruled by subculture (maybe I still believe that), I was really into CrimethInc (maybe I still am). I hadn’t really looked at their stuff lately but I was given a couple posters a few weeks ago that were put out by the Workers’ Collective & there they were… back on the map in my brain. They’ve got some good tools/books/magazines/posters/stickers that maybe you should check out (free pdf downloads of posters & literature).

Happy Wednesday, all… I’m exhausted!


A few years ago, I read something in a business magazine that has possibly changed my life: successful people make lists. To look at it from a less capitalistic view; once you verbalize/visualize/record an idea (i.e., “put it out there in the universe”), it is infinitely more likely to occur. I can’t explain it, I just know it works.

If someone came up to me right now and started singing, “any way you want it, that’s the way you need it, any way you want it!” and offered me a head start on my list, it would look something like this:







[The first step toward reaching your goals is to define your goals, right?]

…I’m back in the game and couldn’t be happier about it (thanks to Tom & Stef):


I’ve got my apartment pretty much unpacked (as much as I’m willing to unpack for a 3-month stay); so now you can have a little peek into my living room/”office”:


I’ve been feeling pretty under the weather since my shoot on Saturday (photos to come…) so I stayed home from Portfolio today for R&R and to catch up on some reading for tomorrow’s Vietnam history class (awful, awful class… and I love that stuff). When the reading got a little tedious, I decided to do something about the aging apples in my kitchen. And in the middle of it, I realized that I’m an adult. That hits me sometimes: I’m not a kid. I’m a real live [mostly] functioning adult living in America’s 3rd largest city. And today, my adult self made applesauce from the aging apples in my kitchen. I did the healthy thing & cut most of the sugar out of the recipe (because adults are health-conscious and don’t need the extra calories). I even improvised, like I knew what I was doing: A tablespoon of brown sugar instead of 3/4 cup of white. A dash of vanilla extract & another dash of honey. Perfect. And to top it off, I froze half of the batch & dated/labeled the container. It’s the little things…


So there you have it. An update from a real live [mostly] functioning, under-the-weather, applesauce-making adult with a new bike wheel. Cheers.


…Quick weekend in the Fox Cities (I drove up right after my screen printing workshop on Saturday). Scissor-time at PCP while my friends played music. Brunch with my oldest friend (it’s been almost 25 years) in Appleton. Salmon, salad, & apple cake with my mother (we also analyzed paint samples). An unorthodox wedding in Oshkosh, complete with stick-on moustaches & a photo booth. Dancing while my friends played music. Driving back to Chicago in the wee morning hours…

And another week is upon us.
Today feels muted.

Here’s my final project for my digital video editing workshop this past weekend:

…neither fact nor fiction; Bill describes it best:

“Memory is a marvel, quick as a monkey and just as silly, and it’s all we’ve got – we live by distorted memory rather than verifiable truth. Memory is feeling, not fact, ghosts and fears that haunt us, floating desires and falsifying dreams more powerful and more compelling than hard reality will ever be” [bill ayers]