…I’m back in the game and couldn’t be happier about it (thanks to Tom & Stef):


I’ve got my apartment pretty much unpacked (as much as I’m willing to unpack for a 3-month stay); so now you can have a little peek into my living room/”office”:


I’ve been feeling pretty under the weather since my shoot on Saturday (photos to come…) so I stayed home from Portfolio today for R&R and to catch up on some reading for tomorrow’s Vietnam history class (awful, awful class… and I love that stuff). When the reading got a little tedious, I decided to do something about the aging apples in my kitchen. And in the middle of it, I realized that I’m an adult. That hits me sometimes: I’m not a kid. I’m a real live [mostly] functioning adult living in America’s 3rd largest city. And today, my adult self made applesauce from the aging apples in my kitchen. I did the healthy thing & cut most of the sugar out of the recipe (because adults are health-conscious and don’t need the extra calories). I even improvised, like I knew what I was doing: A tablespoon of brown sugar instead of 3/4 cup of white. A dash of vanilla extract & another dash of honey. Perfect. And to top it off, I froze half of the batch & dated/labeled the container. It’s the little things…


So there you have it. An update from a real live [mostly] functioning, under-the-weather, applesauce-making adult with a new bike wheel. Cheers.