So far this semester, the majority of my assignments have been video based. I feel super uncomfortable in this medium so the learning curve has been steep. Assignment #1 called for a studio lit reaction interview to Dove’s “campaign for natural beauty.” I brought in 3 friends to “model” and called in Tom for the video & lighting expertise. As with all projects, there were obstacles: another girl “stole” my models because hers didn’t show up, our lapel mic had dead batteries so ambient sound was a little more than ambient, and the stills I had asked my photographer for weren’t exactly exemplary of my vision. But now, working on the footage in post, I know everything will be fine. I’ll post the video(s) in a couple of days, but here’s a still:


Assignment #2 was to record a silent 10-second short that created a “visual sentence,” then edit in FCP (I chose the ole’ adage “TIME IS MONEY”). Assignments #3 & #4 I am quite excited about – I have to shoot a “self portrait” using my surroundings and routines, not my physical self. Then I have to create a short on the subject of unrequited love. Both projects are extremely open ended & my professor, Mr. Plum, embraces the avant garde. I haven’t had a project not dedicated to SELLING in a long time, so these last two assignments are really exciting for me. I am encouraged to shed the clothes of communication & to put on garb that is exclusively art for art’s sake! Gets me rocked…. love it. I’ll try to post them in a week or so.

As for today…. Bears vs. Seahawks, more homework, & ladies’ evening because Emily’s in town. Here’s to a better week than last…


kristina renee.