…I want to take a piece of your time to identify some of the folks on my blogroll. Many of you may be familiar with a few of them, but they all (with minor exceptions) keep up beautiful blogs that are worth your time!

alison fiebig – a friend from high school who works at the Fox Cities Magazine in Appleton, WI. She’s not so good at updating the blog, but she keeps up a great twitter account here.

buffalo plaid – a friend of mine, Meghan, from Appleton who now lives in Chicago. She’s a talented writer but doesn’t update often (but when she does, it’s a treat for all of us).

david paul larson – I met Dave my first year of college, he was fresh out of the marine corps & extremely motivated (I spent the evenings trying to study while he smuggled 40s into my dorm & practically poured them down my throat) — 6 years later, he’s a successful fashion photographer in New York City.

kyndra michelle – Kyndra and I had many mutual friends & finally met through American Apparel (I used to manage a store in Chicago, she currently manages a store in Minneapolis). She’s a gem.

mildrid torvik – my mother! Also one of those infrequent updaters, she occasionally posts about her adventures in Norway.

jordan kay – a friend of mine from high school who is a talented illustrator. Her work is amazing & she also comes up with the quirkiest display fonts.

nick murway – my roommate & one of Tom’s best friends from Cleveland. we go to school together & he is really coming into his own as a photographer. I love his portraits.

oh, you know… – my dear friend & a new mother, Emily Reetz! She lives in Appleton and has created a fantastic storybook life for herself and her family. She is so positive and honest, I am so blessed to have her as a friend. Her blog is in my top 3 faves 🙂

one shot comics – a friend and previously a colleague of mine, Otis. He’s another one of my talented cohorts; I love his graphic design (but alas, he’s another one of those infrequent updaters).

se young – girl crush & soul mate, Molly. We met my first year of college & have somehow managed to keep in touch & every time I see her, it’s as if no time has passed. She’s currently living in Korea & runs a very inspirational blog. Can’t wait to see her again!!

sf girl by bay – the master of all things shabby chic, she’s located in San Francisco & has a huge blog dedicated to the most dreamy interiors & exteriors… just check it out. Love it.

shawn marie photography – Shawn Marie & I met while we were both working at a small photography studio in Wisconsin. Since then, we’ve covered many weddings together & I owe a lot of my experience & education to her. I love her classic editorial style.

stephanie claire – I met Steph in high school (at first I didn’t care for her because she was always hanging around my 6th grade crush – what is my problem?). She lives in Madison, WI & is forever taking photos and living a really beautiful life (her garden is to die for).

the messy kitchen – friends & former roommates of mine, Megan & Herman. It was supposed to be a cooking blog updated once-weekly, but… you know…

pisco sour dreaming – …so Megan began her own venture. She & I lived together in both Wisconsin and Illinois. I can’t wait to see Megan’s plans & dreams unfold; she is strong-willed & determined, and I see her going far 🙂

the third wonder – Ryan & I met when we worked together at American Apparel (one of the few quality people I got to know at that company). He has a great eye & is finding a good place behind the camera… He has great updates about different photo & design findings.

tom paul – my boyfriend, Tom, whose photo-heavy updates are a mix of personal & professional. His blog is highly entertaining & he is highly talented… check him out!