…this photo is from day #1 of the Norwegian Road Trip Adventure. The first beautiful mountain pass with a briskly flowing river is always the most exciting, so my mother & I stopped to enjoy a cupcake & some green tea out on this rock. the Road Trip Adventure lasted 5 days (although we expected 6, we made great time as we began to head back south)… I will draw out a little map of the route we took when I get back to the States, and I will add more photos too.

today is the last day I will spend with my cousins/aunt/uncle in Biri, then tomorrow I head to another aunt’s house in Minnesund, and then I will drive to the Oslo airport bright & early on Tuesday morning (which will be around mid-Monday night for you in America). I fly into Chicago at about 6:30pm on Tuesday night so it’s a long day of travel for me 🙂

the trip’s been so great albeit filled with rain, so I’ve spent much more time cooped up inside than I expected (hence the wordpress, twitter, & facebook updates via my mother’s MacBook). I can’t wait to fill you all in more!

on Thursday afternoon I will be driving up to Appleton for the weekend, so text/call me if you’d like to hang out! I’m shooting a wedding on Friday night (only 4 more to go this season!) and will otherwise be ecstatic to see you Appletownies again. 

xoxo from just south of the arctic circle,