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…I’m sure many (hopefully all) of you have heard about the Texas-sized garbage island in the Pacific ocean… Inhabitat goes ahead & speaks a little more clearly about the elephant in the room: read here.


“style can be allure or it can be content. designers should understand the history of style to be able to intelligently master it.”

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Shawn & I shot another stunning wedding in Milwaukee this weekend (photos to follow)… what is up with this August weather?? Saturday had a high of 64 degrees & it was breezy and cloudy all day!! It’s supposed to be in the 80s & sunny…?

So the ceremony was in Whitefish Bay, WI & the reception was at the War Veterans Memorial right next door to the Milwaukee Art Museum. The church had the longest aisle I’ve seen a bride walk down, it was pretty cool. The wedding party was a blast & it made the day cruise by quickly.

The day before the wedding, I met my dad in Milwaukee so that we could grab lunch together & go to the MAM. The museum happened to be hosting their “After Hours” event, which included a DIY craft area, a band, a DJ, a demonstration by a weaving company, & (best part) a beer and cheese tasting. There’s a microbrewery (seriously tiny: 2 people) called Furthermore that was sampling out an espresso beer – so good! Anyway I had a good time kickin’ it with the old man & here are a few photos from the weekend:

About a week and a half ago, Shawn Marie & I shot a gorgeous wedding at the Green Bay Botanic Gardens in Wisconsin. It looked like rain all day but thankfully it held off! Alixe’s dress & flowers were so pretty, and they had a dove release as part of the ceremony which was great… here are a couple photos…




Congrats Alixe & Tahir!

In my twenty-four years, I’ve found two declarations I can unabashedly stand by. One is a poem by Jimmy Santiago Baca that I posted as my first entry on this blog. The other is this (it has been hanging on the wall in my aunt & uncle’s bathroom for as long as I can remember):


I can’t describe the purpose of life without these two credos. When I feel absolutely hopeless, lost, & unsure, J.S. Baca & Desiderata bring it all home.

I want to feel sublime.