don't fret“don’t fret” is an artist who attends school with me; i like his work a lot (so much that we met over my interest in buying a print of his) & think you should probably check him out… click the photo to check out his Flickr photostream. His characters are cute & he’s not afraid to talk about love.

so this weekend i shot a beautiful wedding at Heritage Hill in Green Bay, WI. I had no idea what a great setup they have at that park! The chapel is downright swoon-worthy & if I ever get married (& decide to do it in a church), that’s where I want to have it. It’s perfect. I’ll post some pictures after I throw them through post. The bride & groom were so laid back & everything went really smoothly even though we had a pretty strict time constraint.

Saturday evening was the Reetz’s baby shower/bbq/badminton/bonfire bash… Tom & I showed up after I shot the wedding & it was so great to see my Appleton friends again. I had so much fun although I probably should’ve eaten more & had less to drink… oh well. I’ll post some pictures in a bit 🙂

Happy Monday! Busy day full of unpacking & pre-pro for the Aware Toys project… xoxo.