I know I write about my garden a lot, but I’m pretty proud of it. This year’s the first that I’ve grown vegetables, so it’s cool that I’ve seen success! One of my favorite things to do in the morning is to go outside & run my hand through the lavender plant – it’s so aromatic & lets out the best smell in the world 🙂

good morning, lavender

This morning I staked the beans because the vegetables are beginning to make the plants really heavy. I’m amazed at how many beans one little stalk can produce…


The beans are ready to pick when they’re about 5-6″ long, which is starting to happen. I’m really excited to use them in a salad on Saturday (grocery shopping day), but I did try one this morning. My first bean. Organic seeds planted in organic soil, unfertilized, no sprays or pesticides. I planted a clove of garlic in the planter with the beans because (according to Italian tradition, I am told) the garlic smell will naturally keep the bugs away. So delicious!!

clean, cut, eat!

(today I’ve got to shoot off a business email or two, then I’m going over to my apartment to clean up/move some things while Megan & Herman are out of the country & while Sara is at work… it’s a beautifully sunny & warm day! xoxo)