Yesterday I watched 3 documentaries while I worked on a design job for a client. The first one was called “I Like Killing Flies,” which is about a restaurant called Shopsin’s in Greenwich Village. It was comical but touching at the same time. The second was called “Fidel,” which is about… oh you guessed it, Fidel Castro & his influence over 40+ years. I like Mr. Castro. The third doc was called “The Business of Being Born,” which was recommended by Megan because Emily (being pregnant & all) wanted her to watch it. All 3 were so good, but the 3rd was most moving, probably because I am a woman of child-bearing age who really doesn’t like the idea of traditional hospital care. It was so crazy to see women give birth in their own homes with their partners next to them; the pain still seemed awful but there was a certain calm about the women, & all of a sudden – bam – there was a baby in the room?! So nuts! Anyway, all 3 documentaries are available on Instant Netflix, so if you’ve got a subscription you should really check them out.

So today I did a bit of browsing & purchasing for Emily’s baby shower/bbq/bonfire/badminton bash, oh man it is so easy to get wrapped up in the world of baby stuff! The books, the CDs, the little outfits, the shoes, the pacifiers that say “mute button” on them?! It’s never ending… There’s this super cute boutique in Bucktown that has a huge selection of graphic tees/etc for babies; stuff like this:

live free or cry

…I mean come on! If I had a babe, he’d be all up in this stuff! the whole site is full of such things. check them out by clickin’ on the photo.

So I told myself I was going to clean up the house today, which i’ve done some of (Blue will be happy, his area is clean top to bottom), but not enough. Today feels like a sleepy day and my pace has definitely reflected that. One step at a time…