…I guess it’s been a while since a “real” update on things. I’ve been exhausted for the past week or so; it all started last Friday night (Pride Weekend). Tom got a new tattoo & I made crazy good nachos for dinner & mixed up a couple of cosmos… it was supposed to be a calm evening on the porch, but turned into an all night adventure that ended with finding cinema books in a box on the street after walking back from Belmont Harbor where we watched the sunrise. Whew.

I went to Neenah for about a week, which was really great but I didn’t get much rest there either. Sara & Erin were in town so I got to spend some quality time with my high school BFFs. Tom came up on Thursday night and we spent the 4th of July there together. It was so quaint; I forget what a pleasant small town Neenah is until the community gets together to celebrate things like Independence day.

Tom & I came back to Chicago on Sunday to catch mewithoutYou at the Metro. The show was great, they are always a guilty pleasure of mine. The opening band really surprised me, Kay Kay & His Weathered Underground (check out their myspace, excuse the unreadable design). They’re from Seattle & consist of about 9 of the most random dudes I’ve seen in a band. Pretty good stuff, especially live.

I’ve got some work to do for a client today (Aware Toys, whom I’ve worked with in the past) and other than that I plan to take it pretty easy; rest up from the madness of this past week…

“If your old man did you wrong
Well maybe his old man did him wrong
If you care to sing forgiveness songs
Come down and join our band
We’ll cut you like sword
And sing forgiveness songs

Everywhere we look
It’s all crazy, it’s all false
It’s all a dream, it’s alright…”