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About a week ago, I had the privilege of shooting a beautiful wedding at Heritage Hill in Green Bay, WI with my friend Shawn Marie… How perfect is the chapel?! I want to get married there! Congrats, Mark & Michelle!







Nonsek is Graphic Remix!(click the photo to check out Nonsek: graphic designers let you “remix” their work for almost one-of-a-kind t-shirt designs)

bush is still a blockhead(7/26/2009, downtown appleton, WI)

Listen! The Dead Weather

wisconsin in july(7/25/2009, driving down hwy 47, WI)

…There is a statue of

Etienne Dolet in Paris.

Dolet was a book printer

who printed a book that

defied Catholic dogma.

He was then accused of

heresy and burned at

the stake over a fire

fueled by his own books.

tomatoes from the garden(the tomatoes in my garden have ripened.

while squirrels got the first two, i get the next four.)

mud trucks

Wisconsin is SO WEIRD sometimes!! I snapped this with my iPhone while I was getting gas at a Mobil station in Seymour, WI (home of the hamburger. Like seriously, that’s what the “welcome to seymour” sign says)… wtf?

i have a serious craving for sushi tonight. it might be alison’s fault for tweeting about it this morning…

so here’s the thing. i’m back up in neenah for the weekend. today’s been really rough. i didn’t leave chicago in the mood that i wanted to (but had a good ride along the lake front trail with tom)… there was cubs traffic by wrigley, traffic jams the whole way up, 30 mph from south oshkosh to south neenah; when i got to my dad’s house, the first thing i was greeted with was a pile of dog shit & an anxious dog. the whole fox cities is a dead zone for my phone, so i only have web communication (great) which is really unfortunate because i need to touch base with shawn about tomorrow’s gig.

so, extremely frustrating day, but i went for a run pretty much as soon as i cleaned up the dog’s accident. it is hot out! came in & soaked in the jacuzzi with a load of epsom salts & now i feel much better.

i don’t even feel like doing much; my sister bailed on me & i just want to curl up with a bunch of movies & some big blankets…

but it’s the rockin’ bones & ragadors at cranky’s tonight – just one drink for me, shoot in seymour tomorrow + some birthday celebrations at night, then a meeting about a wedding invite design on sunday.

i’m tired just thinking about it…

…photos from when Stef came to Chicago for the Liberty Convention at Loyola (the group had a weekend off, so we hung out downtown doing touristy things all day) & from Matt & Emily’s baby shower/bonfire/bbq/badminton bonanza.

tired today, but big to-do list. a design project, waiting on some emails & making a few phone calls — oh and cleaning house 😉 fun! xoxo