Bad Diary Days

now we can be mexican


once wed

…Today’s post is a little mix of what’s been up.

1) Pedro The Lion’s “Bad Diary Days.” First Pedro song I ever heard and maybe still one of my favorites. Stuck in my head this morning. 2) Tom’s discovery of all things Mexican on AIM. 3) A color story I’ve been pretty into lately. I thought about using it on my cards/resume/website but decided to go with something else. 4) THE most perfect wedding reception/dinner ever. Bride, Groom, and 7 close friends or family. Check out more at Once Wed. I found the site about a year ago but re-discovered its charm a couple of days ago.

I find myself being what the average person may call ultra-obsessed with weddings. I don’t even know if I believe in the concept of a wedding for myself personally, but I love the idea of a big party that commences with a commitment in front of a couple’s loved ones. And I love seeing how people choose to celebrate. Sometimes a wedding’s unique, sometimes it’s pretty traditional and (dare i say) run-of-the-mill… But it’s special for the couple. It’s (almost) every girl’s dream. I love photographing weddings. It’s pretty much the only time I make it into a church, hear a formal prayer, and get to be in on someone’s once (or twice) in a lifetime dream day. And I think that’s a privilege.

I’ve been looking at new camera equipment a lot lately. I wish I could further my photo education (I’ve learned a lot in various jobs, classes, field experiences, but…). I almost need a formal learning environment. I almost need a check for $45,000 (need, come on Kristina. Be real). But I learn little things day in & day out, & that’s enough for now. Life is good; each day is a chance to learn to be content and to push myself to know just a little bit more than I did the day before. Whether it be in photography, history, the kitchen, or in a relationship… you know. We, living in a privileged nation, have very little to complain about (except the fascism that’s taking over, but I digress…). Be thankful.