I spent a couple hours on the back porch today, tending to the garden and listening to James Taylor & Rachel’s while I smoked a couple of cigarettes, read a short story by Steinbeck called Flight and played a few games of solitaire on my phone before the battery ran out. It’s beautiful out and I figure I’ll go for a ride in a little bit…

flower garden

…When I came back inside, Blue was passed out in the bathroom. Zonked out hard, like an old drunk who didn’t quite make it to bed after bowing to the porcelain god… 

cap'n Blue the drunk

So this weekend Tom & I are going up to Appleton for Kelly & Mike’s birthday party & I’m getting excited… just Tom, the animals & me on a mini road trip to see some good friends & to make some cash (I’m shooting a wedding in Green Bay on Saturday), then a quick turn-around to catch Bill & Bernadine at Lit Fest mid-Sunday. 

I also found out that Erin’s gonna spend about 2 1/2 weeks up in Wisconsin in the end of June/beginning of July so I hope to make some time to see her either in Madison or Neenah. 

Summertime is fun! xoxo