I just watched Changeling for the first time — didn’t realize it was directed by Eastwood — it was so amazing! I know I’m partially biased because of my crush on Angelina, but what an insane story & beautiful film. Loved it. 

And on a completely different note, Tom & I went to see I Love You, Man at the Brew & View last night… Leinie’s on tap & the movie was hilarious. I rarely find comedies that I really think are funny (just ask Tom, 20 minutes into every movie I’m sighing and rolling my eyes)… I like the Brew & View, wish we did it more often… it’s only $5 and only a couple blocks away.

Yesterday, Ashley Nicole posted a link about a photographer named Dan Winters so I checked out his stuff. He’s an illustrator as well, but I think he really hits the jackpot with photo. His portraits of celebrities are really enlightening and make them seem like real people, not just faces in the public eye. Here are a couple photos; check out his website too.

Today I re-designed & updated my resume too, so that’s been a long time coming… maybe I’ll let you see it — if you’re hiring 😉