beach days

Yesterday after I went to church (? ) with Megan in the morning, Tom & I joined her and Herman at the lake since it was so beautiful out. They packed sandwiches and tea, and Tom & I packed vodka Frescas. We watched puppies run rampantly and adorably, then all went back to Tom’s apartment to spend the evening on the back porch. We had a couple brews and ordered falafel sandwiches from Sinbad’s. Best intentions of making it to good ole’ German Mayfest in Lincoln Square, but it soon became evident that we were going nowhere… 

So after much conversation and laughter, I’m expecting 2 new wordpresses to pop up… solo ventures for Megan & Herman 😉 

Today I’m off to hang with Kyndra… hope the rain holds off & hoping for some good sleep tonight since last night wasn’t so restful.