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fireworks & skyline

…didn’t quite make it all the way down, I was too busy dodging the thick sand & almost getting killed by a car that came up on the bike path to pull a U-ie (i love drunk drivers). but one of my favorite parts about Chicago summers are the fireworks at navy pier every wednesday & saturday night… riding bikes down the trail to catch them, it’s kinda like being a kid again.


Yesterday turned out to be a gem of a day; after laundry & keeping up the garden, I baked banana bread and banana chocolate chip muffins. Tom came home & we had cheese, crackers, beer, hummus & pita, & strawberries… enjoyed the perfect weather on the back porch with a couple cigarettes, then rode our bikes down to the Shedd Aquarium ’cause admission is free this week. Well. Just ’cause it’s free doesn’t mean there’s no price to pay & time is more precious than the opportunity to see beluga whales for free. The line was a mile long. and 60% of the line was strollers. So Tom & I decided to head a little farther south to Soldier Field… it was quiet and perfect. I swear I had a major zen moment… we were the only two there, riding our bicycles on the old stadium and catching glimpses of the field inside the new stadium. Bears!! The sounds of the city were so distant and the structure is seriously beautiful…. surrounded by gardens and grassy hills. Makes Lambeau look so 2nd rate… They’re the only two stadiums I’ve seen except for the Saints’. Can’t wait for the season. Brandon finally got signed; he’ll be playing for the Broncos. Now that they’ve got Orton AND Brandon, I hope they kick ass this season.

But I digress… after Soldier Field, Tom & I rode home and grilled (the BEST) swordfish & veggie kabobs on the grill and drank fruity vodka drinks. I always seem to overcook fish but this time I grilled it to absolute perfection. I used a lime vinaigrette marinade & it really gave it some kick 🙂

After procrastinating for a while, we took our bikes over to Danny’s for Reana’s birthday party / going away party… nice to catch up with some faces I haven’t seen in a while but all in all it was too hot there & after a beer I was done. Plus it was supposed to start thunderstorming. Which happened after we got in for the night and I slept horribly. I think Blue got scared or something because he came up and wrapped his paws around my arm & fell asleep for a few hours. The storm was so bad that we almost suffered a tomato plant casualty this morning… the stake was completely uprooted & the plant was bent in half at the base… Hope you don’t die, big guy!!

So THEN. The storm today. The apartment was so dark that I had to turn on all the lights… I was sitting in front of the iMac & heard a huge crash come from the kitchen. I made Sophie run in first (heh), then I followed her and there’s glass & olive oil ALL OVER THE KITCHEN. The storm blew in one of the windows which knocked everything off a shelf… resulting in plants, glass, soil, and oil everywhere. Have you ever cleaned up an entire bottle of spilled olive oil before? I swear it’s still coating my skin… Gross. But anyway, here are some pictures & here’s to a more successful evening than morning!

…and if you don’t know by now, i’m talking about chi-town.

chicago from lake michigan

chicago, from lake michigan

(a couple photos from a shoot i had in May)

the lemon symphony open up

to the sun and not much else.

…does that not have such a nice ring to it? Imagine fighting a war from a hot air balloon. This and other “little-known” facts about the Civil War here.

I watched too much Dexter on instant Netflix yesterday & had crazy dreams last night.