I designed some contact cards & had them sent to print last night… that’s been a long time coming. I had them printed through www.greenerprinter.com, a Berkeley-based eco-friendly print company that prints everything on recycled materials and operates business in an environmentally responsible way. Unfortunately, somehow that means charging $25 for rounded corners on a business card (i passed on that option)!? It’s become increasingly important to me to leave as small of a footprint as possible on the environment… sometimes I’m good at it, sometimes not so much. BUT, my contact cards are printed on recycled paper with soy/vegetable ink and hopefully they look good when they come in the mail…

contact card

…i decided against labeling myself on this one (photo/design/housekeeper/whatever) because right now I just need something to hand out with my info on it. It’s less formal & more-or-less just a way for people to get in contact with me. You know, when I’m out at the club looking for someone to buy me a jagerbomb…. 

did i say that out loud? you won’t tell, right?