So this past weekend, many Chicagoans headed out of town for the long holiday. My household was no different… Megan & Herman headed up to Wisconsin and Sara flew out to Colorado. I stayed with Tom for the weekend and thought not twice about leaving my apartment to the care of Monty, Sara’s cat, whom I checked in with on Sunday to make sure he still had food/water/etc. 

Tom came with me and we drove because it looked like rain. We were going to stop in for a few minutes, grab a couple of my things that he had use for at his apartment, and head out. However, when we got to my building (it’s like a 12-flat or something like that), the front door was wide open (slightly unusual). The 2nd door was wide open (not unusual). And my apartment door was closed, but upon trying to unlock it, we found it was already unlocked. Tom went in first & saw that Sara’s door was wide open (very unusual because Monty was supposed to be closed in there for the weekend). Bathroom door was wide open. Megan & Herman’s door was wide open. Front hall door was wide open. My door was the only one closed, ’cause it jams pretty hard when I shut it. “Hello…?” I said loudly. No answer. “Hello?!” No answer. Tom grabbed a U-lock and looked in the bedrooms. Nothing. He headed down the hallway to the living room… nothing. Walked into the kitchen… nothing. Nothing in the pantry. I followed him and looked into the kitchen… only to find shattered glass all over the floor, a giant canvas bag that did not belong to us, and a gaping hole in the only window that wasn’t barred for security. Both locks on the kitchen door were unlocked…

broken apartment…So the logical thing to do is call the pigs right? Even if it’s Chicago, at least we get a police report going & our landlord doesn’t fine us for damage due to break-in. Almost 20 minutes later, they show up. Do a once-over and insist that no one came into the apartment because “There’s nothing worth stealing in here.” They make some smart-ass comments about how “well, if you find a Rolex missing — or, let me bring it down a few notches — if you find an iPod missing, call the detectives;” and “You have FOUR PEOPLE living here?! Times must be tough… And what is this, someone’s learning Swedish? Aww… how cute.” 

And during all of this, I’m frantically trying to get ahold of my roommates. No one’s answering, phones are dead or whatever. Roommates call back later and we figure out that there’s actually thousands of dollars of equipment missing because no one took their cameras and computers with them for the weekend. 

Megan & Herman get home; we call Chicago’s finest back — 2 new officers show up in less than half the time we had to wait for the two earlier. They did a much more thorough job and discredited the two who were there earlier… and I guess that’s pretty much where things stand now. Tom threw a board up over the hole in the kitchen & the landlord is coming to fix it this afternoon. Herman swept up the broken glass, Megan took inventory of everything missing, and I took all my equpiment to a place where there’s insurance & a 60-pound security system. 

Wonder if we should have the locks changed……?