I’ve had a really nice day today, cleaning house & taking care of the flowers; giving Blue a bath & taking Sophie on a walk… I watched a movie called “Married Life” with Rachel McAdams & Pierce Brosnan, made up the last of the coffee beans and whatnot…

But the best part of it has been listening to the Jim Croce playlist on pandora (I love it when my favorite James Taylor pops up, “you can close your eyes”) and reading more of Letters From The Underground. Abbie & Anita have such fluid writing styles to one another & their deep connection is so obvious, no matter how far apart they are. I keep dog-earing pages that have passages that really touch me, so I figured I’d just share some of them.

Dreams are for those that choose to be Dreamers and the rest is like a bottle of chicken fat getting hard in the back of my grandmother’s icebox. It’s reality, and a tablespoon of the stuff is essential for good chopped liver but… I’ll take the dream that you and I and… all our friends old and new and all the good people in the world are gonna live lives of total ecstasy and one by one slip into Heaven where there’ll be Gladys Knight records and licorice for all. [abbie]

For a woman with children, the ultimate risk of personal liberation is poverty…. I feel bad because I don’t know enough yet, and maybe I won’t have enough time before the money runs out to learn everything I need to know. What a fucking jungle out there. Capitalism. Reform is like a band-aid. If you care about redistribution of wealth you have to think about radical change, change at the roots, revolution. I’ve lived such a sheltered life, never having to struggle for survival. What an eye opener. [anita]

Our friends have been so good to me…. Without them I would feel so alone. I tell them I love you. Ah, my dear, you are the most fascinating one in the world to me. How often I try to picture your face. My mind becomes a slide machine and I imagine you in my favorite attitudes. Strangely, a lot of them are childish yous, little-boy yous. I always was a sucker for cute. [anita]

…And the book just goes on and on like that, pages full of truth, honesty, and question; letters between best friends and it’s cheesy because I almost feel privileged to be reading them….

The sun’s reflecting off an apartment building & kicking back a big orange glow on the porch… I like it.