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…Oh man, this song just came up on my iTunes, I haven’t listened to it in eons. It makes me smile; I have distinct memories of listening to this so loudly with the windows down, driving to High Cliff during summers past. 

I’m starting to feel kind of lame, having so much time to update my blog but I guess that’s what happens when you’re unemployed & the only work that comes in is photo shoots on the weekends. I’m trying to stay creative though; contact card yesterday, who knows, maybe updated resume today? Maybe I’ll finish reading the collection of short stories by Kafka that’s been gathering dust on the shelf…

Yesterday I made more soy candles, with new colors and scents. If you ever happen to order from CandleWic, I’d advise against the “clean breeze” scent (too soapy & strong), but would recommend “basil nectarine” for sure… and turquoise looks nice. I mastered the 4-wick candle and it even burns super evenly. And my catholic candle is back in action, even though I feel guilty every time I light it… I can only imagine what my father would say about having anything catholic in the house!

…And the garden on the back porch is really growing, I am amazed every morning when I look at the tomato plant. I swear it grows an inch every night…. and watching the Lemon Symphony open their pedals to the sun around 10am… love it!!

TGIF, enjoy the weekend! xoxo

I designed some contact cards & had them sent to print last night… that’s been a long time coming. I had them printed through, a Berkeley-based eco-friendly print company that prints everything on recycled materials and operates business in an environmentally responsible way. Unfortunately, somehow that means charging $25 for rounded corners on a business card (i passed on that option)!? It’s become increasingly important to me to leave as small of a footprint as possible on the environment… sometimes I’m good at it, sometimes not so much. BUT, my contact cards are printed on recycled paper with soy/vegetable ink and hopefully they look good when they come in the mail…

contact card

…i decided against labeling myself on this one (photo/design/housekeeper/whatever) because right now I just need something to hand out with my info on it. It’s less formal & more-or-less just a way for people to get in contact with me. You know, when I’m out at the club looking for someone to buy me a jagerbomb…. 

did i say that out loud? you won’t tell, right?

andre beato


So there’s this photoset on Flickr that goes into the (subjective) meaning behind a number of typefaces… kinda like this:

Avant Garde

…and then people leave funny comments like

“i have an enormous x-height!” 

and someone replies with something witty like,

“it should say ‘i am x-posing my shit'”

and it goes on from there. If typefaces make you swoon and fill your stomach with butterflies in the best way possible, take a look, laugh, agree & disagree.