So I was just thinking about Love Is A Mix Tape: Life and Loss, One Song At A Time by Rob Sheffield & thought about sitting down & making a list (& eventually a mix) of those “falling in love” songs… everything from middle school “love” to songs I would probably love to love with my love till death do us part. 

Carefree Highway by Gordon Lightfoot probably wouldn’t be on the mix, but I do love the song & it’s on Pandora right now…. 😉

I feel a bit better today than I did yesterday; I was told by Tom that the post was really depressing & made it seem like Chicago & the people in it were not worth my time. That’s not true, I’m sorry if it came across that way. Chicago’s a beautiful place & so are the people in my life who live here. 

Lauren & I went to lunch at THE most adorable place today, the Flower Flat Cafe on Addison at Broadway, it’s this little neighborhood cubby at garden-level… one half is a flower shop & one half is a cafe. How precious. The food was good – a bit heavy on the olive oil (both lauren’s salad & my sandwich) but the presentation was beautiful & it was a really comfortable place. I’ll go back for sure. 

flower flat (exterior) flower flat (interior)

if you look at the top left of the 2nd photo, you can see that there were decorative plates, tin tiles, & frames suspended from the ceiling. the whole interior is decorated really beautifully and simply, something I’d love to do in my home…

Now its tall boys of High Life with Sara 😉