I went to Florida for a long weekend with Tom. We won $36 in scratch-offs and $29 betting on Jai-Alai. We drank a bottle of whiskey and a bottle of wine. We introduced his mom to the wide open world of sushi. She introduced us to beautiful St. Augustine, the oldest city in the nation. We checked out the Atlantic ocean and the Quail Medow Retirement Community’s pool. Tom gained 2.5 lbs in 24 hrs, according to the Publix grocery store’s free scale. I didn’t dare weigh in. His mother turned 50 and we ate grilled fish & chocolate ganache cake. We spent enormous amounts of time in the sun and are both sporting the burns to prove it.


Pirate Haus INN atlantic ocean

…now I’m back from 80 degrees and sun: Chicago is 40 degrees and rain. I’m at school in the graphics lab, ignoring the creative brief that’s due in 2 hours. 4 weeks of school left and it’s difficult to dive into projects I’ll forget about once summer hits… isn’t that how school tends to go? This summer will involve lots of portfolio-whittling, I’m sure…

But ’til then…