Today’s story you can actually watch for yourself, on Cold Case Files’ Most Notorious Files…. the story is the 2nd half of an episode & is titled “Little Lost Girl.” 

Basically, the townhouse right next door to Tom’s (which shares a back yard with us and a coach house) used to house a family of 5. The mother had a daughter that her two sons didn’t know about, even though they were living in the same apartment. Neighbors used to complain (this was in the late ’60s… the girl was born in ’62 and attended the school at the end of the street) about hearing a little girl crying, and then one day it just stopped. in 1999, the landlord was digging in the backyard to start up a garden. He hit a plastic bag, and a child’s skull rolled out. Long story short, the mother had abused the little girl and eventually killed her & buried her in the yard. 

It was so bizarre seeing our apartment on Cold Case Files. 

Anyway, going to Florida tomorrow for a long weekend, and today I’m just trying to prepare & whatnot. I got my UI debit card in the mail, I’m not quite sure when the gov’t is gonna load it up for me, but that was a huge relief. I feel better already. Did some laundry, paid some bills & finally got my boots. They feel good & I’m glad to have a pair to replace the leaky old leather boots I had… it’s a whole new world 😉 

Appleton this past weekend felt so good, it would have been nice if Mike & Kelly were in town but can’t win ’em all… Wedding season begins soon so I will be up there a bit more. 

I’m tired.