I read an old article (2001) from the NYTimes / Woman News this morning about how ultrasounds in India lead to selective-sex abortions. Basically, it’s common for women to have ultrasounds and when the result is female, they abort the fetuses because men are more desirable in society. The ratio of women to men has plummeted dramatically because of “kudimaar” [daughter-killers]. Also, women and female children are often neglected health care and nutrition and there is a high rate of maternal death. These factors give males an edge. Even though women have longer life spans now and are becoming more literate, the culture still prefers males because they carry the family name, inherit property, care for aging parents, and light the fathers’ funeral pyres.

In my gender/culture class this morning, we talked about abortion and how we in America look down on India for selective-sex abortions, and a question was raised — do we abort for better reasons? Is it better to have an abortion because we don’t want the child vs. not wanting the child because of its sex?

…I guess its open-ended; I understand that culturally Indians want their own children to carry on the family name through the blood of a male child, but I feel like if you’re going to be that picky about the sex of your child, don’t get pregnant. Adopt. There are so many children out there who need good homes from people who genuinely want to be parents… But I digress…

Stefanie & Alan are flying in from DC today, I’m excited to see them! I’m excited about this weekend… I’m so tired, I want some R&R, I’ve got to get out of Messy Chicago for a bit. Today would have been the perfect day to ride down to class… no wind…. just pure blue sky water 50 degrees me & the Maddie….