The rough of the Earth Day/Recycling Services poster that I posted a couple of entries ago…. remember? I didn’t win the grand prize ($500, oh how nice that could have been). In fact, my professor (who happens to be the head of the A&D department) ripped me apart in the critique, attacking my poor development and color scheme…

“what’s up with your color scheme? I don’t get it. How did you even come up with that?”

“well Richard, I browsed the color palettes in InDesign, and chose the “vegetable” palette… I mean, it’s natural, earthy… like Earth Day?”

snort/laugh/grunt… “you need to work on that.”

BUT…. Ms. Mayo at Recycling Services liked it and while [teacher’s pet] received the grand prize, I was picked (among a few others) to receive an Honorable Mention and a $50 gift certificate to Borders. I like books better than money anyway. So my work will still be pasted in the lobby windows and on LCD screens in the elevators of Streeterville/Loop/River North/Gold Coast condo buildings. Satisfying.