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Your creative energies are running strong now, enabling you to produce very original work. This may not be such a good thing if you are hard at work in the trenches, for you won’t likely have a healthy outlet for your self-expression. But no matter how constrained you are by your current job, you must find ways to enjoy yourself by being spontaneous. Ultimately, new ways of doing things will overtake and replace worn-out or even counterproductive habits.

…life is made of spirals & balances. where an ebb, there a flow. where a yin, there a yang. this is my horoscope for Tuesday, following my depressing post for Monday.


oh man, today is one of those busted up, all wrong, upside down days. I began to type more, but it’s lame to detail how insecure I feel today. 

after non-stop 15 hours, I unwound with Thursday’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy [a serious guilty pleasure, it’s the one time I allow myself to freely cry at a television show] & normally wouldn’t quote it but it hit home to a certain extent;

It doesn’t matter how tough we are, trauma always leaves a scar. It follows us home, it changes our lives…. Maybe we have to get a little messed up before we can step up.

I wish I was a happier, more charismatic person by nature. But I’m not. I love life and the people who’ve touched me deeply. I get stuck inside my head & have a hard time getting out. Today, my professor told me to get excited about my work; that it’s too conservative. He said, “I don’t think you’re a conservative person, why do your ads look like this?” & I took it very personally. I’m not very inspired by his class or his projects… swiss army knives, turbo chef, arizona tea, I guess all this superficial product advertising is not really my bag and apparently it shows. It’s a fairly conventional study, & I’m not that conventional. I’m bored, I’m tired, I’m stuck… I need something exciting to happen, quick.

come, save me from this fire.

i would have sent this to your place but i did not have your address.

[when should have been paying more attention to homework, looked through box of old letters. like the way envelopes look when sent through USPS]

leave, quit, do not turn back,

move fast away from that which

would mold your gift,




(in the dust of the last design i will take to the sky)

start a riot.

(drawn to be erased)

incident no.040618025076


I remember going to see Steve Aoki at Crobar when his Pillowface album dropped, & the Bloody Beetroots at SmartBar a while ago (has it been a year already?)… just getting wasted & dancing so hard to this shit. I saw this vid on hipsterrunoff and I think it looks good, plus aoki & the beetroots are nostalgic. 

I had a shoot on the beach up in Rogers Park at 6:30am this morning, no real sunrise to speak of but the dark blue sky & lake were intensely saturated so it made for some good shots anyway. The project’s due by the end of the night, short notice, but not too difficult to get through. It felt weird, but kind of right, driving south on LSD at 7:30am, drinking coffee & listening to “going to california,” finding a parking spot right outside the townhouse, parallel parking perfectly & getting out of the car with my camera bag in hand…

Now I just have to get through 8.5 hours of retail at a store that’s going out of business on Tuesday… Happy Thursday 😉


kristina renee.