“…It’s Monday morning. Dragged myself out of bed at 6:40am. Showered. Rain beat down on the skylight in the bathroom. Pillar candles burning. Read CNN.com. Sophie threw up on the carpet. It left a stain. I walked to the train, hands full of coffee and a pink polka-dotted umbrella. The Red line was packed. Sardines in cans on rails. Forgot to do my homework for class….”

“Chicago’s been a bit hard, a bit fast, a bit superficial & materialistic. Hits unexpectedly. Bones left a message to me the other day; “I still exist. Not married to anything but the ever-passing minute. I hope you are well.” Odd to see the city (among other things) affect & change folks that were once so dear. Lost to the “art” of crypticism and oils. Not so glamorous when you realize, in the end, you are alone….”


kristina renee