“life is too precious to be gambled like this,” The Rise & Fall of Jim Crowe, Pt. 4

2008: A Brief

  • moved in with Tom; Meghan took my place at 3328 N. Clark
  • worst winter, such a downer… lots of drinking and fighting, but lots of bike riding too.
  • i got doored for the first time; by a lady getting out of a cab outside of Wrigley Field
  • new iMacs, printers, external hard drives, camera equipment, phones….
  • a lunar eclipse
  • annika’s wedding & everything that comes along with that
  • erin’s wedding & everything that comes along with that
  • michael & kelly’s wedding & all else…
  • “every heart is a revolutionary cell”
  • Tom + me = 1 year
  • Tom got a tattoo
  • Miriam Benezra was hit by two cars and killed on her way to see Third Eye Blind with Lindsay
  • Tyler Fabeck was hit by a car and killed while riding his bike home at 2am after Critical Mass
  • Brendan Scanlon was stabbed at a party and bled to death
  • my great grandfather died in a nursing home; first time I’ve been a part of a funeral procession
  • serious. family. drama.
  • i planted and raised flowers outside on my own for the first time
  • i moved in with Megan & Herman, and began “The Adventures of Living With a Married Couple.”
  • Tom & I bought a Honda Fit ❤
  • I went to Cleveland with Tom & met his dad; also went to Cedar Point for the first time.
  • Tom & I went to San Francisco & firmly decided that Berkeley is the place for us. 

….those are the only things I really wrote about; the mean time was spent shooting weddings & other events. I studied a lot of history (especially the 1960s) and also tried to deal with my family’s relationship issues… worked full time & went to school full time. This year is (so far) more of the same. But my attitude is better and I feel more mature & open to what’s ahead. 


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