the same way I’ve subconsciously found myself changing perfumes when I change relationship status… here we go again.¬†out with the old, in with the new… I’m blogging at tumblr now.


“the past doesn’t exist anymore.
all that exists is now.”

it’s been so long since i’ve been alone
i can’t think of a time
when you will realise
that you were breathing by my side
my mother said
to talk things thru
don’t let heavy hearts pile up on you
but how can i
when i’m too scared to speak
i cried all night
but i put in too much to turn away now
I’ve been waiting for you to say
that i am better off
with out you
but we both know that thats just a lie
but whats said is done
we’re almost gone
i can’t see your face
ooohhh oohhhh
i can’t find my way
ohhhhh whoooaaa
i can’t catch a break
ohhhhh whoooaaa
i can’t count the days
everyone looks the same
everyone looks the same
ohhh whoooaaa
everyone looks the same
ohhh whoooaa
everyone looks the same
ohhh whoooaa
everyone looks the same
ohhhh whoooaaa
ohhhh whoooaaa

[the morning benders]

marc jacobs, you’ve done it again… the motorbike short suit:

i love this look!

CB2 Outdoor Magic

…take a look at the pure magic that is CB2’s outdoor collection. I want every. piece. & I want to host so. many. summer parties. But first we gotta lift the weather out of the 40’s… woof.